COVID-19 update: as at 4 December 2020

We are currently experiencing extremely high call volumes. So that we can assist customers effectively and efficiently, we are trying to prioritise customers with imminent bookings. Please help us in this effort by NOT getting in touch unless your booking is in the next 14 days (unless we suggest otherwise below).

Government regulations on COVID-19 change frequently. Before you travel, you need to ensure you have checked and understood the relevant regulations applicable to you, your location, your destination and the make-up of your party as it is your responsibility to comply.

Please note that the below is not legal advice and you must make sure you familiarise yourself with the relevant government regulations.

Christmas Bubbles

  1. The UK Government and Devolved Administrations have agreed to relax the social contact restrictions between 23 and 27 December 2020. Find out more here. During this time, you can form an exclusive ‘Christmas bubble’ and travel between tiers and UK nations for the purposes of meeting your Christmas bubble, subject to the rules on number of households and party size. When staying in self-catering accommodation with your Christmas bubble in Scotland, at least one of the participants of the Christmas bubble must live in the local authority area in which the self-catering accommodation is located and the Christmas bubble cannot be larger than 8 people (excluding children under 12). Outside the Christmas bubble period, the local and national rules in place at the time will apply (see below for the rules as they currently stand).

  2. Please note that holiday accommodation in Tier 3 in England is allowed to re-open between 22 and 28 December 2020 (but must remain closed outside these dates). However, please note that Christmas bubbles can only form between 23 and 27 December 2020.

  3. If you have a booking that begins before and/or ends after the Christmas bubble period, and you are unable to stay for the full period of your booking in compliance with the government restrictions, you can request a partial refund for the days you are unable to stay at the property.

  4. The above information is a high level summary only. You must familiarise yourself with the rules that apply to your party and holiday destination before you travel. Each country within the UK has its own nuanced rules, you can read  the Christmas bubble rules of England here, of Scotland here and of Wales here.

Travelling within England   

Travelling within Wales and between Wales and England


Your options

In a lot of cases, there are currently no end dates to these government imposed measures.  The above options are currently only available if your booking is due to take place in the timeframes listed.  If your booking is beyond those dates, it is too early to tell what restrictions will be in place at the time of your booking. If measures continue to be in place closer to the time of your booking, which would put you in breach of government regulations if you were to make use of your booking, rest assured that these options will be available to you then.

Where can I find the latest guidance from the government?