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Best wildlife holidays in 2019

With resorts in some of the most scenic and remote corners of the UK, Landal GreenParks locations are ideal for nature holidays and wildlife holidays. Picturesque settings and peaceful surroundings are the perfect accompaniment to your exploration of beautiful flora and fauna. Spot red squirrels and deer up in the Highlands of Scotland at Landal Piperdam, meet falcons, foxes and more down in Cornwall at Landal Gwel an Mor, and plenty more besides. With lodges nestled in natural environments such as the Peak District and Northumberland, there’s no better way to go wild on your UK break.

Why experience a wildlife holiday?

Fresh air, gorgeous scenery and the thrill of experiencing wildlife in its native habitat, there’s nothing like UK nature holidays to lift the spirits. What’s more the thrill of one-of-a-kind encounters with wild animals cannot be overstated; it’s simply one of the most enjoyable holiday activities. Landal GreenParks offer accommodation in some of the most wildlife-rich regions in the UK. Spot birds, sea life and enjoy all kinds of animal encounters; it’s fantastic fun for all ages.

There are many benefits to enjoying a wildlife holiday. Meeting animals in their natural habitat is a fantastic educational experience for children, allowing them a greater understanding of nature and biology. Enjoying new experiences is also a great way of aiding a child’s development, engaging growth and encouraging curiosity.

There are plenty of health benefits too. Landal GreenParks wildlife holidays are located in some of the UK’s most tranquil and scenic locations, with green fields, lush woods and gorgeous views galore. Making time for yourself to relax by exploring your stunning surrounds is a great way of combatting stress, helping you to unwind and enjoy exercise as you admire the beauty of nature.

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Where to experience a wildlife holiday

Wildlife unique to Landal GreenParks

Whether you’re a budding birdwatcher, a keen photographer, or simply want an unforgettable experience amongst the UK’s diverse wildlife; there’s opportunities to get up close with your favourite animals on a Landal GreenParks wildlife holiday. From scaly and slippery, to cuddly and fluffy, plus a multitude of wild plants to look for; check out some of the best places to encounter the real outdoors.

Enchanted woodland locations in the Peak District

Landal Sandybrook and Landal Darwin Forest in the Peak District allow you to explore the gorgeous Dovedale and ride along the Tissington Trail - hearing the sound of skylarks nesting in the gorgeous wildflower meadows and exploring wonderful woodland.

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Life on the farm at Landal Gwel an Mor

Landal Gwel an Mor boasts its own on-site farm and is the perfect place for a wildlife break. Get up close to birds of prey, badgers, foxes, eagle owls and more. There’s even a night walk for nocturnal nature lovers! But you don’t need to stay on dry land to enjoy Cornwall’s amazing nature. Enjoy an aquatic wildlife adventure on the water and you can see some of the region’s amazing marine wildlife. Whale and dolphin spotting boat trips are available in the surrounding area – or you might get lucky and see something from the shore. Best bring those binoculars!

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Explore the forest at Landal Kielder Waterside

The careful management of Landal Kielder Waterside allows plenty of species of wildlife to thrive. Red squirrels, bats, badgers, otters and more are all lucky enough to call Kielder home, and on your Landal wildlife holiday, you can join them! One of the most amazing sights is undoubtedly the returning ospreys. Reintroduced to Northumberland in 2009, ospreys return in spring is the most impressive way to mark the changing of the seasons. You can watch for them from bird hides, via a live ‘nestcam’ provided by the Forestry Commission or at Kielder Castle Visitor Centre on their large viewing screen. These beautiful birds deserve the best view possible.

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Wildlife adventures in the Southern Highlands

Head to Landal Piperdam in the Highlands and within the Angus countryside you can meet deer, rare birds, otters, eagles and osprey. With the Cairngorms National Park as your playground, it offers a perfect wildlife and nature break.

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What to take on a Wildlife Holiday

The great outdoors is even greater on a Landal GreenParks wildlife holiday. Here are a few recommended items to help you make the most of your amazing break.


Comfortable walking boots or wellies

You’re going to be doing lots of exploring, even if it doesn’t feel like it! Pack your most comfortable outdoor footwear, plus some thick socks, and you will be ready for any outdoor adventure.


Notepad and pen

Photos are great, but to encourage thought and creativity make sure you bring some paper and a pen. Sketch, make notes or tell a story about what you’ve seen. There’s nothing like wildlife to fire the imagination!


Drink flask and food containers

Pack a picnic and you can enjoy a whole day of outdoor adventuring. Wildlife tends to keep its own hours, so bringing plenty of food and drink on a wander will allow you to stay out and see lots of it.



Pack your binoculars for the best view of faraway creatures and critters. These are especially recommended if you’re looking for birds and marine life, so a must for wildlife holidays at Gwel an Mor and Kielder Water and Forest Park.


Waterproof coats

Wildlife follows its own rules and so does the weather! Make sure you bring your waterproofs – especially if you’re out on the water. Try to pack light coats too, so they’re not too heavy to carry in dry weather.


Phone chargers

A holiday essential. Whether you’re Instagramming your wild encounters or keeping your nearest and dearest updated with your holiday adventures, make sure your phone has plenty of charge. You can also get solar powered chargers to keep your phone topped up in the great outdoors.