Case Studies

How we’re looking towards a sustainable future

Here are a few case studies on how we're starting to implement our Green Pledge across our UK resorts.

Landal GreenParks UK

Case Study: Rituals

Guests to Landal GreenParks in the UK will find a selection of complimentary Ritual toiletry essentials in their accommodation. We have chosen to partner with Rituals not only for their luxury products, but also for their green practices, allowing us to operate as sustainable as possible.

In a bid to tackle single-use plastic waste, all of our Rituals bottles have been treated with the organic additive EcoPure. EcoPure has been engineered to transform any single-use plastic into a biodegradable material by allowing microbes to form a biofilm coating over the plastic waste. This biofilm is only formed on treated plastic once it comes into contact with certain microbes found in landfills sites. These microbes then break down the plastic and accelerate the decomposition rate of the waste material by up to 95%.

Landal Piperdam

Case Study: Biomass

In a bid to reduce their environmental impact on the breath-taking Angus countryside, Landal Piperdam has implemented a number of renewable energy sources to reduce its carbon footprint.

Biomass is famed for its green credentials and offers a carbon free, renewable alternative to fossil fuels. Energy is created by burning matter such as plants which hold stored energy from the sun during photosynthesis. When this matter is burnt, the chemical energy in biomass is released as heat - this heat is used to create steam which generates electricity for the park. During the combustion process, only C02 which has been absorbed by the matter being burnt is released back into the atmosphere, therefore making it a carbon free process.

At Landal Piperdam, forest residue such as dead trees and wood chippings are burnt for their energy, supplying heat and electricity to all main buildings, leisure facilities, Lochside lodges and a further 50% of the lodges on park.

Landal Kielder Waterside

Case Study: CanO Water

After a ban on all plastic water bottles at Landal Kielder Waterside, CanO Water is now sold on park and is favoured by many for its green credentials. CanO Water was implemented as a response to the damaging impact in which plastic is having on the environment, being referred to as a ‘Solution to plastic pollution’.

Since switching to canned water, Landal Kielder Waterside have reaped the benefits. Firstly, the parks carbon footprint has been dramatically reduced, aluminium cans are much lighter than plastic bottles, allowing distributors to efficiently package and transport beverages. Secondly, the amount of waste being sent to landfill sites from Landal Kielder Waterside has reduced too with the aluminium cans sold being infinitely recyclable.

The average can sold at Landal Kielder Waterside is currently made up of 68% recycled material, with cans being seen back on shelves in just as little as 8 weeks after going in a recycling bin. In 2019 alone, Landal Kielder Waterside has sold over 1,350 recyclable aluminium water cans, a figure that would have once been single-use plastic water bottles.

Landal Kielder Waterside

Case Study: Vegware

To support their single-use plastic pledge even further, Landal Kielder Waterside has replaced the need for single-use plastic containers by only using packing from Vegware in their shop and restaurant. Vegware are manufacturers of compostable foodservice packaging, producing plant-based catering disposables which are created from renewable, lower carbon and recycled materials. All of which, unlike plastic, can be composted with food waste.

By choosing compostable packaging, Landal Kielder Waterside has been able to operate a zero waste programme, with packaging composted with food waste. This compost is then used to feed the plants which are used to make Vegware, creating a circular economy.

Today, Landal Kielder Waterside uses Vegware in a whole range of products including, straws, disposable cups, Christmas crackers, disposable cutlery, disposable plates and food packaging. By using Vegware on-site, Landal Kielder Waterside has assisted in stopping 8,609,500 kg of carbon being admitted into the atmosphere and diverted 6,839,394 kg of waste to landfill.