Every year we have the privilege of helping over two million customers holiday in the lodge resorts in our portfolio. Your safety has always been the first priority for us and our accommodation providers. In order to give you peace of mind in these new times, we have introduced our accommodation providers to steps they may put in place in order to try to reduce the risk of infection during your stay, whilst ensuring you are still able to enjoy your holiday, and any facilities that may be available to you.

Cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing during your stay

Overall, our portfolio has always achieved high cleanliness scores from customers. You are able to see an accommodation’s historic cleanliness score displayed on that accommodation’s property page. Reevoo independently verifies that any reviews provided are from genuine customers.

We have recommended that our accommodation providers consider information we have summarised as they adapt their cleaning protocols. This information has been summarised as a set of principles which our accommodation providers may use as a framework to ensure the cleanliness and sanitisation of their accommodation and facilities, and include a check in process with minimal contact, and appropriate social distancing measures. Accommodation providers have also been supported in considering whether their specific circumstances or settings might require other or additional measures to ensure compliance with any applicable government and industry guidance.

Look out for the above logo on those accommodations whose providers have told us that they will follow the below recommendations as they apply to their accommodation(s), for every guest arrival. You can search for the logo as an accommodation option. Accommodation providers are responsible for cleanliness at all times - Booking conditions apply. Whilst participating accommodation providers have said they will support the Safer Stays message, we are unable to make actual checks.

Safer Stays Principles

Book with confidence

We continue to monitor the government’s advice on public health measures. If you need to cancel your booking because UK government public health measures mean you are not allowed to travel or if your accommodation is not being provided for any reason, then you will be able to choose any one of the following three options.

See full details here.