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Counting the stars above Landal Kielder Waterside
Landal Kielder Waterside is located in a Dark Sky International Park and is the second largest in Europe. On a clear night, the area makes for spectacular viewing - even more so if you head to the nearby Kielder Observatory. On special occasions, the Northern lights can be seen from this area of the UK.
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The very best of UK stargazing

Experience the magic of a dark sky and see the moon and stars in our solar system like never before. As soon as the sun sets, the night adventure begins! Some of our UK resorts are ideal dark sky getaways, either being located in a nature with dark skies status or very close by. So why not discover a break under the stars before going back to the comforts of your luxury lodge? Sit back & relax to gaze the stars… on your terrace or in the hot tub!