Can I pay in cash at the park?
On the park, you can pay in cash in the ParkShop, the restaurant and at facilities. However, we cannot accept € 200 and € 500 notes. Please note: Your booking must be paid before arrival at the park, so it cannot be paid in cash.
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Can I charge my electric car at the park?
Most parks have a charging station, or there is a charging station nearby. Under "information" on the park page of the relevant park, or in the Landal app you can find out whether or not there is a charging station at that park.
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Is it possible to extend my stay?
At Landal GreenParks it is possible to extend your booking just before/during your stay. This is only possible if there is still sufficient accommodation available.

To do this, please get in touch with our Contact Centre on telephone number +44 1603 367 066
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Does the resort have WiFi?
Wi-Fi is available at selected locations. On the practical information page of the resort you want to visit you can find whether this is available.
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Where can I collect my reserved bicycle(s)?
You can find it at the park reception or at the bicycle rental desk.
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How long does my bicycle reservation last?
We reserve the bicycles on the pick-up day until 10:30 am at the latest. The opening hours of the bicycle rental vary from park to park, you can find this information in the app. What if I don’t pick up the reserved bicycles by that time? Then we will make the bicycles available again for rent to other guests.
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