How do I log in on the Landal app?
You always log in with the same email address and password you use to log in on the website. Always log in with the email address that you used to make your booking with Landal. Your booking is linked to this. Forgot password? Select ‘forgot password’ when you log in. You will receive an email from us to reset your password. Make sure you also check your spam folder. Didn't receive an email? Then you probably don't have an account with this email address. Create an account 

Important: for some parks you will need a different account to reserve an activity or facility in the app. Unfortunately, these two accounts are not yet linked to each other.
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I can't log into the app, what should I do?
How annoying that this is not working. We have listed some steps to still log into the app.
-Make sure you have a working internet connection;
-In the app, you will see an error message, indicating whether the account does exist
-If you have an existing account at this email address, we recommend you request a new password

- Check if there is an update for the app in the App Store.
- Is this the case? Update the app to the latest version and log in again.
- Close the app completely and try again. 
- Does this not work? Then delete the app completely from your phone and download the app again.
- If this doesn't work either, request a new password.
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Am I obliged to use the Landal app during my stay?
No, certainly not. You can still go to reception for all your questions. However, Landal has been named the most sustainable travel brand in the Netherlands. By providing important information via the Landal-app, it is possible to significantly reduce paper use on the park. That's why we strongly encourage the use of the Landal app.
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What can I do with the Landal app? Was this answer helpful for you? Can I also use the Landal app if I don't have a reservation?
Absolutely! Select the park you want more information about and learn more about a wonderful holiday destination. Don't forget to download the Landal app.
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I am logged in on the app, but my booking has not been added yet. How do I do this?
Please follow these steps:
  1. Go to ‘Bookings’
  2. Select ‘Add booking’ 
  3. Enter the booking number. You will find the booking number in the booking confirmation we emailed to you.
  4. Your booking has now been added! 
  5. Go to ‘Bookings’ in the app to view the details of your bookings.

You can only link a booking number to the e-mail address used to make the booking. So only the main booker can add the stay to his or her account.

Please note, if you have made a booking at a park in the UK, it is not (yet) possible to link your booking in the app. However, you can view the park's facilities and activities.
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Which details do I use to log in to the Landal app?
Use the same log in details as for your My Landal account.
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