How do I create an account?

You can do that easily here.

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I haven't received a verification e-mail to confirm my account, what do I do?
You may already have an account. Try to log in or select ‘Forgot password’. You can then set a new password via an e-mail you will receive from us. Please check your junk e-mail just to be sure.
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How can I add a stay to my account or to the Landal app?
Log in and add the number of the booking you have made. You can find your booking number in the confirmation you received by e-mail. You will be able find your booked stay under 'my bookings’ once you have added your stay. Are you already logged in while booking? Then we will add your booking automatically.
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I want to delete my account. How can I do this?
Unfortunately you cannot delete your account yourself at the moment. We can delete your account details for you. Call the Contact Centre on +44 1603 367 066

*Note: when asking to have your account details deleted by phone, you will not receive written confirmation.
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