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Does the resort have WiFi?
Wi-Fi is available at selected locations. On the practical information page of the resort you want to visit you can find whether this is available.
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Can I bring my pet(s)?
It's great that you wish to bring your pet with you during your holiday. Most of our UK locations allow pets in selected accommodations and this will be visible on each location's practical info section, including how many are accepted.
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What is the smoking policy at the resorts?
It is forbidden to smoke in public spaces, such as restaurants and plazas, at all the Landal GreenParks. Smoking is also not allowed in the accommodations at the resort.
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Which parks have golf facilities?
Both expert and inexperienced golfers can tee off at a variety of holiday parks on the park's golf course or at a nearby golf club.
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Special bungalows

Which resorts have children's lodges?
A number of resorts provide child-friendly accommodations. These are specially designed to be child-friendly and safe, and are ideal for families with kids. The accommodations have children's toys, a changing mat, a changing table, a children's chair, a bed and bath, and a sandbox (outside). In addition, a stair gate and child-safe sockets make the children's room more secure. The children's bedrooms of the accommodations are equipped with a bunk bed and/or loft bed. There is often a playground a short distance from the lodges.
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Do any of the resorts have accommodations suitable for the disabled?
We do offer some accommodations with adapted facilities suitable for limited mobility. Please ensure you read the description carefully to confirm the accommodation is suitable for your needs. For more information or any special requirements please call one of our friendly hosts who will be more than happy to assist you on
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